Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Stop trying to figure out who i am.

I hope i can pull of this anonymous thing...i am very sure along the line certain bloggers would probably figure me out because of the peculiar way i write but i dont mind as long as the people i am actually hiding from dont find my hideout.Its not like i am writing anything raunchy or putting up plans to blow up anywhere...there are just some nosy family members and people i wish to talk about that i dont want to see this blog.

So there's this boy i like...hes not exactly my type but i like him alot...we are still tryna figure each other out.....but we argue too damn much.Lol...i am starting to believe its a sign of things to come.Okay its partly my fault and his...i am not exactly submissive and he wants to be the guy in the relationship...but i am too much of a boy to be a girl so its like two boys in a relationship.Plus i am real opinionated, once he says 1 i have said 10..i am trying to calm down sha but i have told him i am not going to be a didirin all in the name of being submissive.He can be controlling too...always asking questions "Who are you talking to?" "who is peter, who is paul?" "You have too many male friends" ...always reading my text messages...sometimes i feel like i am being interrogated whenever we are together.Well he says he's not jealous just curious....i dont buy that! He is a nice guy, and we both have our faults and we r just trying to understand each other better...

So there we were snogging the other day in his was getting real heated...he took off my shirt...marvelled at my breasts, running his tongue all over them...i closed my eyes but i wasn't exactly gettin turned on by what he was doing...he kept sneaking glances at me..after a while i told him bros no worry urself too much..the thing no dey work...he went lower...tried to put his hands into my skirt was quite tight so he couldnt really get his hands into it...i looked at him and was like "Bros i am wearing a skirt! why are you stressing your self when u can just reach under for easy access" ....he reached under my skirt! and that really got me talking this time..i was giving directions like awon yellow fever...yes! yes! no! no! up! up! go back! yessssssssss!!!!! where are you goin to! back!! what u were doing before!!! yesss!!!....all of a sudden he starts unbuckling his belt.. and was about to whip out lil man....immediately i sat up....asking ."What do you want to do?" knowing fully well what he wanted to do.

"What does it look like i want to do?

No o ! We cant have sex!!! I am not ready yet..


I felt bad actually but i dont know i have always just had problems with sex and the way he just whipped it out ready to assault me with that deadly weapon scared me!

Needless to say he had to deal with his boner...and he wasnt too pleased about that.

I dont know i think i need to talk to someone about sex...i havent had any in two years and i aint complaining...i have never had mind-blowing,toe curling,tongues speaking,mo-gbe-jesu-saying sex .... and to be honest i want to experience that...i want to scream johnny!! johnny!! abi Gbenga! chinedu! like Miss Definately Maybe's noisy neighbours!!! but i just cant relax..too scared and always yall have any ideas on how i can enjoy sex n stop my trail of boners!


Anonymous said...

Now you know I am going to have to figure out who you are. errr We are looking for Afrobabe, are you she? And I think you are Sting too? I will figure out who you are and then HA! you will not be able to hide again.

Anonymous said...

I know who you are. You stop obsessing about me and I'd leave you alone too!

If you don't stop then it's gonna burn!!!

Hide and Seek said...

can we not make this blog about finding out who i am or exposing who i am.

Hide and Seek said...

truth masta i have no idea what you are talking about..obsessing about u????

Vera Ezimora said...


I'm not even gonna try and figure out who you are. Wayyyy too many options r popping out in my head. Anyhoo....

Well, let's just say I have no comments on your sex life. Why? I am not anonymous!

Anonymous said...

giving directions?? deadly weapon? lmaoo u'z hella funni. nd even tho i dont know u i like u already atleast u can tell him ur not ready yet unlike some odas who just do it 4 his sake.

Buttercup said...

I also wont attempt figurin u out..

Lol wow....i think u shud just relax, sex cant be enjoyed if u aint relaxed..

Nefertiti said...

Not gonna try and figure u out cos I ain't been around that long.
LMAO @ deadly weapon. Did it really look that bad?
On the issue of enjoying sex, you know a friend of mine was actually telling me about just that approximately 2hrs ago. u sure u ain't her? Anyhoos, here are my recommendations:

1. Touch yourself (Yes, dammit! I said it)Spend some time with yourself and find out what u like. Like the quickest way to get urself to the big O.

2. Invest in a good toy. I know a great site where it's less than 20 bucks (don't ask me what the hell I was doing there- I was just there) again, you wanna be sure what gets u to the big O quickest.

3. Find a man that you are really attracted to, and actually have something in common with. A nice sized dang-a-lang is essential here.

4. Never ignore a boner. well lemme append something to that. Never ignore it from the dude in #3.

5. Relax, Relax, Relax... you might need a lil bit of bubbly to loosen ur inhibitions.

6. Concentrate on what you are feeling down below.

7. Thank me later.

Happy Sexing (according to Ms. Shona)

Hey, ;-)

Nefertiti said...

How rude of me. I forgot to say thank you for stopping by my blog, and for ur comments. Please visit again soon.

~Sirius~ said...

Hey, Feel free to hide out.

That was quite an awkward bedroom moment, you had time for all those directions!
And Girl I must commend your patience on him play FBI on you.....I don't know if I can live with that.

I'll definitely be seeking to add to my blog roll

Ps: I really wonder if MDM's Neighbors get it that good......LOL!

Afronuts said...


You better be kiaful. You keep giving guys boners and one of them is gonna end up raping you!


reading this post, I wonder why women continue to feel sorry for guys who get worked up, sexually, that is.

Blue balls, black balls, it doesn't matter. I encourage all Senior babes to not feel sorry for them.

That being said, sorry boys! You will all get over it.

Nice post. I'll be back.



@ Afronuts: Geez....

Hide and Seek said...

Afronuts na wa o!! ud think iv given u a boner before with ur comment!

vera: thnks for stopping by

afunto...thnx dear

buttercup:relax! got that

Nefertiti: Whoa thanks alot for the tips i am very sure one or two would help out.

Sirius: it definately was awkward,but he just needed to be pointed in the right

Solomon: lol! i heard that blue balls thing is extremely painful...

Afrobabe said... the poor boy worked up for nothing...bad bad girl..

Abujamaiden said...

You can only get kudos from me!

Jerk! He thinks its that easy.....

LG said...

lollll i nor kno u abeg :p

Buttercup said...

update oooo

wellsbaba said...

Dunno y u r worked up...where u ever raped?or witnessed it?! anywais mayb its just his "size" that threatened you!

Tigeress said...

Last blog Nov08?!!! I hope nothing?

Asper enjoying sex- u just need to relax. Hopefully if u're with the right person- it'll be mind blowing. But u need to ask urself why you dont enjoy it? Was ur prior experience bad? Are u in pain? if so u might to visit a doc about it.